Month at a glance

April 23rd - School Board meeting 7PM

April 25th - K-3 STEM 3PM to 4:30PM 

April 26th - BA/SB in Almira vs Lind Ritz L 3:30

April 29th - Book Fair preview day for each class

April 30th - Spring Concert 6:30PM

April 30th thru May 3rd - Book Fair / Buy one get one half off

May 1st - 1 hour early release

May 6th - SBAC testing starts (see parent resourses for specifics)

May 9th - MSSB in Almira vs Tekoa Rosalia 3:30

May 13th - BA/SB in Davenport 3:30 bus leaves Almira 2PM

May 13th - Child Find

May 15th - 1 hour early release

May 16th - MSBB in Almira vs Odessa 3:30

May 16th - MSSB in Almira vs Wat Mans 3:30

May 23rd - BASB in Reardan vs Liberty 3:30 bus leaves Almira 1:45

May 23rd - BASB in Reardan vs Reardan 5PM

May 24th - Regular School Day

May 27th - No School Memorial Day 

May 28th - School Board meeting 7PM

May 29th - AG STEM Day

May 29th - 1 hour early release

May 31st - Last day of Pre-K

June 1st - HS graduation

June 3rd - Pre-K Roundup 8:05 to 10:30

June 7th - Last day of School early dismissal at 10:30