Almira School District has a NO CHARGE POLICY.  However, the school will provide hot lunch for up to 3 days while waiting for payment.  After the 3 days the student will need to bring cold lunch.  If the payment of school lunches is causing a hardship for the family, they are encouraged to contact the school in order to find a solution to the problem.

     No child will be refused a meal

     Students may pay for their meals in one of the following ways:

     Parent may forward a check made payable to Almira Schools for advanced purchase of child’s meals.  This amount can be payment for as many meals as the parent wants to pay for in advance.  We will put this credit on the child’s account and pull out the appropriate amount for each lunch, breakfast or milk that is purchased.  When the account falls below $6.00 the school will notify the parent that an additional deposit is needed.

     Child may pay cash for each meal that is purchased to the lunch room personnel on duty that day.