• Highly Capable Program 

    Hi-Cap Overview– Almira School District Programs for the Highly Capable

    What is Hi-Cap?

    Hi-Cap is Almira District’s program for meeting the unique academic, social and
    emotional needs of highly capable students in grades K-8. Qualified students are placed
    in the program, with customized options designed for their unique needs.
    Program Goals
    Students who demonstrate characteristics of being highly capable need a faster pace and
    greater depth and complexity of material than is offered through the standard curriculum.
    These students also need interaction with their intellectual peers. With this in mind, the
    goals of the Hi-Cap Program are:
     To identify students who have high intellectual, academic, and creative thinking ability.
     To provide differentiated instruction appropriate to the needs of gifted learners.
     To place students among their intellectual peer group.
     To develop in students a sense of self, life-long learning, quality production, and critical/creative
    thinking abilities.
     To engage in ongoing evaluation of students’ progress and placement.
     To provide appropriate staff development opportunities to maximize teaching effectiveness in
    providing for the academic and social/emotional needs of gifted learners.
     To engage in ongoing program evaluation and revision.
    Program Options
    Program options include, but are not limited to: Accelerated learning opportunities;
    Academic grouping; Arrangements that provide intellectual and interest peer group
    interactions; Cooperative agreements between K-12 and institutions of higher education;
    Mentorships and career exploration. Each individual student or group of students with
    similar needs will have a program plan. Services will be made available based on that
    plan and include a continuum of services.
    Identification and Selection Process
    This is a three-month process, during which anyone (parents, teachers, media specialists,
    friends, family, acquaintances, members of the community, cohorts, etc.) may refer a
    student for testing. The process is twofold, including 1) eligibility (nomination & further
    testing), and 2) program placement.

    Selection and placement is made by the Multi-Disciplinary Selection Committee
    (MDSC). The MDSC, which is made up of administrators, teachers, and program staff,
    reviews testing and nomination data and then makes a recommendation for further Hi-
    Cap specific testing. Upon obtaining written parent permission to proceed with testing,
    the test is then administered during the school day, at the student’s school. The MDSC
    then reviews the new data and determines eligibility and program placement.
    Retesting for eligibility purposes is available. The criteria for retesting are: 1) at least 6
    months between testing sessions; and 2) testing at the next higher grade level. Currently
    identified students will not need to be retested annually to maintain eligibility.
    Students may also be placed through the Appeal Process in which the MDSC examines
    documentation for students whose test scores did not meet the criteria but for whom other
    evidence exists of high ability, a need for program placement, and a high probability of
    success. Appeals are considered annually by the Multi-Disciplinary Selection Committee
    and are based upon a review of the documentation received. Private testing results as well
    as testing information from other school districts are accepted for review. Appeals may
    be made to the MDSC within two weeks of ineligibility. Contact the Highly Capable
    Program Teacher for forms and information.

    2022-2023 Schedule
    Fall Referrals are open to students currently in grades K-8, for program placement the
    current school year. Further testing is only for those recommended by the MDSC.
    Nomination Opens November 1, 2022
    Nomination Closes December 15, 2022
    Review Applicants (MDSC) week of January 2, 2023
    Letters / Testing Permission week of January 9, 2023
    Testing week of January 16, 2023
    Review Testing - eligibility and placement (MDSC)
    and Notification to parents week of January 23, 2023

    Highly Capable Services begin in September for students already eligible. New
    students will begin receiving services when testing is complete and permission is
    obtained from parents/guardians.
    Exit Process
    To exit the program, parents must complete and sign a Program Withdrawal Form and
    submit it to the Highly Capable Teacher. Services will cease upon receipt of the form.
    The MDSC will further review the student’s withdrawal for program effectiveness and
    general evaluation.

    Further information:
    For questions regarding nomination procedures, test scores, placement options, referral
    for testing, etc., please contact Highly Capable Coordinator, Dan Read, 509-639-2414