• Monday, March 16, 2020





    On the lunch menu we have: Orange chicken with brown rice, , fruit and milk.

    Grain for the Salad Bar is rice.



    Happy birthday to Bella Erzt, Mr. Dotson, Kaelynn Carstensen, Cade Carstensen, Brooklyn Troup, Alyssa Goodwin, Emnmie McCall, Trent Carstensen, Casey Ertz, Brody Carstensen, tyson Hoffman, Lexa Benson, Dylan Peterson and Emily Evers who will have a birthday over our break.
    Guest teachers 

    As you all know, school will be dismissed after today until at least April 24th.  Please tell your parents to keep an eye on their emails as that is how we will be communicating during the closure. Expect updates on school meals and how to get your homework.

    DYW's father daughter dance is canceled this weekend.


    Joke of the day




    Why was the sand wet?


    Because the sea weed.


    Have a Wonderful day and stay safe, wash your hands!!