• Friday, October 18


    Eligibility will be run today at noon, please make sure all your grades are in before then, thank you.


    On the lunch menu we have: Flatbread chicken alfredo pizza, fruit and milk.


    Breakfast for Mondayis:  Cereal, juice fruit & milk. 


    Happy birthday to Anthony Garrett!!!


    Our ASB would like to remind you that this week is called "Delightful Doors".  So please hold the door for the person behind you or go out of your way to open the door for someone else.  This kindness act is in effect until next Tuesday.  Let's see how kind we can be.


    Monday is the first day of basketball practice for girls.  It will be held here in Almira after school, go to the gym.





       Joke of the day



    Why didn't the dog want to play football?


    Because he was a boxer.


    Have a great day.